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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Half Price Apps
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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Franchises in Canada: Let’s Wing It!

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St. Louis Bar and Grill RestaurantLooking for the best Franchise opportunity in Canada? How about an establishment that helps with a bad day at work – and there are some, believe it or not!
Many people always make things right by heading off for wings. Actually, make that wings-and-beer! And where is the natural place to head to after a tough day? The fun and friendly neighbourhood bar and grill, one of the best places to unwind.
Customers rave about the restorative qualities of the perfect place, realizing that these qualities can be found in a casual complacent and comfortable atmosphere, as opposed to some glitzy pretentious spot. The convenience of a neighbourhood St. Louis Bar & Grill also offers a sports angle, with wide screen TV’s,  a proudly Canadian feel, and a patio in the summer. Not to mention that the great food served is a clear investment in itself for anyone looking for a supreme franchise opportunity in Canada.
So Let's Talk Wings…
One customer describes his experience while enjoying wings at his favourite fun and friendly bar and grill :
"Some of my co-workers are real wing connoisseurs and they are capable of discussing (endlessly) which kind of sauce is best. Nobody has agreed on just one, but we got lucky. The bar and grill we found has twenty different kinds of sauces and everyone is satisfied.
Traditionally wings are deep fried, not breaded and then coated in sauce. The sauce is cayenne pepper hot sauce and melted butter but, as with all great dishes, restaurants are forever "improving” on wings. The place we frequent has made one innovation that was new to me – they offer wings with bones in - or boneless. The latter are easier to eat without making a mess. Personally, I don't care if I get a bit of sauce on me but a few of my co-workers are more concerned with the mess and favour the cleaner bone-out wings, especially if we're there at lunch time and we have to go back to the office.
Bone in or bone out, the thing that makes wings ‘wings' is the sauce. I'm a Cajun sauce lover, but some of the other sauces offered at our local bar and grill are Salt and Pepper, Mild dry, Hot Sweet Asian, Hot and Honey, Caribbean Jerk, Honey BBQ, Chili Lime, Buffalo Ranch and a variety of sauces with garlic. There are a few super-hot sauces – one's called ‘Hotter than Hell'. I consider that fair warning!”
The customer discusses the menu further:
"Although wings are a staple for me, there are a few of us who occasionally like to sample something else on the menu. Poutine is a great Canadian delicacy, in my opinion, and our bar does it better than any other place I've tried. They stick to the basic recipe: fries, gravy and cheese. They've got gourmet onion rings and, for burger lovers: a Garlic Dill chicken burger. It sounds a bit different but I can tell you, the taste is intense and juicy. It is a lightly-breaded chicken breast topped with Garlic Dill Sauce and onions straws, on a gourmet bun. Their burgers are 100% Angus beef. It's all what I would call comfort food and, with the pressure we're under at work, comfort is exactly what we're looking for.”
This review among thousands argues a strong case as to why investing in a neighbourhood bar and grill can be a very lucrative investment.
Proudly Canadian franchises are able to boast statistics like:
  • Nearly 40 locations and growing
  • Strong Year to Year Sales Increases
  • Aggressive Return on Investment
  • 1.4 Million pounds of signature wings sold per annum
  • 34 million ounces of beer sold per annum
  • 1 in every 4 franchisee reinvests in multiple locations
Discover the best franchises in Canada by looking for one that offers features like:
  • Renowned for consistent delivery of quality foods and famous proprietary recipes.
  • A highly respected brand with almost 20 years of established success.
  • One of the most popular franchise opportunities in Canada to date.
Discover a ‘Devilishly Good' opportunity when looking for the best franchises in Canada and take a look at investing in fun and friendly bar and grills.
We are actively seeking franchise partners for the following 2013 target markets:
• Stoney Creek
• Hamilton
• Brockville
• Kitchener
• Cambridge
• Guelph
• Petawawa
• Belleville
• St. Catherine’s
• Niagara Falls
• Cobourg
• Courtice
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